Set off on the right foot with your violin.

Blog artwork Set off on the right foot highSetting off on the right foot is the key to achieving greatness. 

Consider this for a moment… You’ve overindulged while on your summer holiday, as one naturally does. This is of course fine, but now it’s time to get your exercise routine back on track. You decide to take up running, and naturally, you need some new running shoes. Ask yourself this question - Will you immediately jump online and buy the cheapest pair you can find? That pair with the dodgy name and the even dodgier logo from that mysterious website you’ve never used before. Are they really the best option?

If you’re serious about becoming a lean, mean running machine then it’s crucial that your first pair of shoes fit your feet well, are of the highest quality and will last you a long time. The only way you’re going to be able to understand all these factors is by visiting a specialised running store and speaking to the experts, or by buying an established orchestral brand instrument from a specialist website that outlines all the necessary information and specification details.


What has this got to do with violins (or even cellos)?

Learning a new instrument should be a fun experience, and something that can develop into a fulfilling and rewarding life-long pursuit. Unfortunately, it is commonplace for many new players to stumble at the first hurdle as a result of making a bad decision in their choice of first instrument. Initial enthusiasm, especially among younger players, can very quickly wane if the learning experience becomes a battle due to a struggle with a poor-quality instrument.

There are many factors to consider before pulling the trigger on your first violin purchase. Let’s run through some of these.


Should I buy online or visit my local music store?

Whilst shopping online for that cute cat phone cover you saw flash up while browsing more cat videos on YouTube is fine (we all do it) - buying your first beginner violin from a website without having physically tried it out can be a bad idea. There is no substitute for speaking face-to-face with your bowed instrument specialist and trying-before-you-buy. Here’s some more information on why visiting your local music store is a good idea.


HidersineViolinSizeChart webWhat size instrument do I need?

Bowed instruments come in many sizes – it’s important that you understand what size you need (especially when buying for a child, as they tend to make a habit of growing). Trying to learn on an instrument that is too large or too small is very difficult. Hidersine beginner violins cater for all standard sizes. Here’s our comprehensive guide to choosing the right size violin.

So, you’ve had a look around your local store and you know what size violin you need. Now which one should you go for?

Hidersine Inizio violin outfits are the perfect starting point for enthusiastic beginners. It’s understandable that you may want to keep a lid on your initial spend while you ‘see how it goes’, yet you still want a high-quality violin from a reputable and popular brand. That’s why we created the Inizio range. With a rich history of producing orchestral instruments and accessories that dates back over 120 years, Hidersine has the experience to give you what you need.

Inizio violins are supplied as outfits containing all the essential components needed to get off to a flying start. Strings: check. Tough case: check. Rosin: check. Bow: check.

Inizio outfits of all sizes retail for around £100, however it’s always worth speaking to your local music store about their Hidersine rental schemes if this is too much of an initial outlay. You could be taking advantage of the benefits these beginner outfit offer, without the upfront cost.



Finetune Cutout 1000Help! My violin won’t stay in tune!

This is something you may not have considered, but you’d be amazed at the amount of valuable time commonly lost to the tuning of poor-quality instruments in music lessons. We’ve calculated that over 3 hours of tuning in your lessons every academic year can be turned into playing time – find out more HERE.

Hidersine Vivente Academy are instruments made of quality solid woods that feature Wittner Finetune pegs to make tuning a whole lot easier and faster – resulting in more playing time in your lessons.

The geared pegs look exactly like conventional pegs but are specially designed to be turned in a controlled way, without the main shaft of the peg ever losing contact with the pegbox. This means you can make tiny, incremental increases or decreases in pitch - just like tuning a guitar.



Let’s face it, you aren’t going to sound like Niccolo Paganini overnight, as is the case that your new running shoes won’t see you taking part in the London Marathon next month. However, the more you think about the following points before you buy, the more likely you are to achieve something brilliant in time.

  • Get hands on with different beginner instruments before you buy.
  • Buy the right size instrument.
  • Buy a solid-topped instrument - it will mature and sound better over time.
  • Make sure your instrument is set up and that you won’t need to do this yourself. The majority of Hidersine instruments are expertly set up in the UK and are ‘ready to play’
  • Consider buying a better violin than you need straight away - It will retain its value and give better results from the outset, plus it will last for longer.

Before you know it, you’ll be combining your new super amazing running shoes with your new super amazing violin to become the world’s first record-breaking orchestral Olympian. Now there’s something to aim for!

Head down to your nearest Hidersine dealer and try out some instruments today! Why not go for your new personal best time on the way?

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