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Hidersine Reserve

Crafted in our instrument workshops across Asia, Hidersine Reserve instruments represent both superior quality and remarkable value.

Using a select of the finest, aged tonewoods, and high quality fittings and accessories, no two Hidersine Reserve instruments are exactly the same.

Inspired by the most celebrated designs and patterns from history featuring a range of varnish styles and finishes, each insturment is unique.

This individuality is why we have no product listings for these instruments, as the discerning musician needs to discover the hand chosen selection offered by their local bowed instrument specialist.

Bowed instrument retailers can choose and order individual instruments online when logged in to their trade area at www.bandm.co.uk

If you would like to test and buy a Hidersine Reserve instrument, we would recommend that you call your local bowed specialist store before travelling. In order to locate your nearest Hidersine Dealer please click here

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