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Supporting Education

Hidersine: Supporting Music Education Bursaries


In association with the European String Teachers Association.

Hidersine is a company founded on the vision of Mr Francis Hider: an accomplished musician. A trained double bass player, Mr Hider experienced the joys of learning, playing and sharing his musical passion throughout his life.

Now, over 120 years since Mr Hider began his journey, we at Barnes & Mullins – the owner and custodian of the Hidersine legacy – believe that it is our responsibility to empower as many young people as possible to experience one of the greatest joys in life: Music.

In conjunction with other industry leaders such as Thomastik Infeld, Wittner and Jargar Strings, Hidersine made a commitment to the European String Teachers Association:

For every Hidersine instrument sold we have pledged to donate money to ESTA’s Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund.

The Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund is a bursary designed to enable pupils of ESTA members to attend Chamber Music Courses and to award funds to ESTA members for the purposes of setting up Chamber Music Projects for their pupils.

You can learn more about Joan Dickson, the bursary’s originator and founding member of ESTA here

The Benefits of Music Education:

Learning a musical instrument and interacting with other like-minded players has been shown to have an incredibly positive impact on a person’s wellbeing as well as showing many academic benefits in children.

VH1 LogoVH1’s ‘Save the Music Foundation’ conducted research in the field of the effects of music on music students, and the positive outcomes were overwhelming. A few highlights from this study are:

Study of US Elementary Schools:

• Students in top quality music programs scored 22% better in English and 20% better in mathematics than students in deficient music programs.
• These academic differences were fairly consistent across geographic regions.
• Students at the four elementary schools with high quality music programs scored better than students participating in programs considered to be of lower quality.

Study of US Middle Schools:

• Students in top quality instrumental programs scored 19% higher in English than students in schools without a music program, and 32% higher in English than students in a deficient choral program.
• Students in top quality instrumental programs scored 17% higher in mathematics than children in schools without a music program, and 33% higher in mathematics than students in a deficient choral program.
• Students at schools with excellent music programs had higher English test scores across the country than students in schools with low-quality music programs; this was also true when considering mathematics.
• Students in all regions with lower-quality instrumental programs scored higher in English and mathematics than students who had no music at all.

An Excerpt from: “Journal for Research in Music Education”, June 2007; Dr. Christopher Johnson & Dr. Jenny Memmott

You can view the full PDF document outlining the many findings of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation research study by clicking this link

Hidersine Technique Videos - Additional Educational Support.

Don’t forget, if you or your child plays a bowed instrument, you can all benefit for FREE from our selection of Technique Videos. Filmed and directed in conjunction with three highly regarded ESTA members and professionals, the Hidersine Technique Archive covers playing and bowing techniques for Violin, Cello and Double Bass.

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