Should I buy a violin from a music store?

Buying a violin from a storeFor those starting out on their ‘musical journey’ (if you want get a little bit X Factor about it), that first instrument purchase is crucial and choosing the right place to buy a violin, with the necessary level of support is also important to get right.

Before you decide upon which particular retailer will get the distinction of playing a part in the back-story of a musical legend, you will first need to make one decision - whether to buy online or buy from a high street store.

Buying online is all about price, range and convenience. You can still get all of those from the bigger high street stores but one thing that is sometimes a little harder to get from an online store is personal after-sales support. For this you really need to go to a music shop. Here at Hidersine, we are proud to work with a large network of independent music shops and larger chain stores who all provide excellent levels of service.

They will usually be happy to field any queries you might have on what type of violin to buy, whatever your budget, and are much more likely to ensure that you leave the shop a happy bunny because they want your repeat business. A retail business relies on regular customers and word of mouth recommendations to attract new ones. So they should be bending over backwards to help you.

Having a good store nearby can really be an asset as you make progress with your instrument and need the odd repair, tweak, or accessory.

A local expert dealer is worth their weight in gold and can become your go-to-guy for extras (you’re always going to need rosin, new strings and other accessories occasionally) servicing and some friendly advice.

In addition, many retailers will have low or even zero interest payment schemes (particularly for students) which will help you spread the expense over a number of months and may even enable you to upgrade to a more expensive purchase that you wouldn’t be able to afford in one payment.

musicstoreAs a regular customer they will also be happy to let you come in and try some of the better violins too, even if you’re not ready or haven’t saved up enough to make your follow-up violin purchase.

When you are ready to upgrade your instrument, familiarity with your local shop makes it just that bit easier and, who knows? Just a bit cheaper too.

For the most extensive range you should choose a Hidersine Premier dealer who will have a high stock level of Hidersine instruments and accessories. They will also be highly likely to stock instruments from the Hidersine Reserve range of exclusive instruments.

Standard Hidersine dealers will offer the same expertise and level of service but will not have the same breadth of range that a Premium dealer does. For a student player, making their first instrument purchase, however, either would be suitable.

With over 190 retailers in the UK stocking Hidersine violins alone there is no shortage of choice when it comes to deciding where to buy your first instrument.

So for the best advice and the best service, pop into your nearest music store, a violin specialist is even better, and tell them what standard you are at and what you’re looking for and you should go home armed with the right instrument at the right price and maybe even a few little extras.

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