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Double Bass Rosin – Cold Climates – X-Large Size
Double Bass Rosin – Cold Climates – X-Large Size Double Bass Rosin – Cold Climates – X-Large Size

Double Bass Rosin – Cold Climates – X-Large Size

Product Code: DB1M

Guide Price: £6.95

Hidersine DB-series of Double Bass rosins are a suite of three respected formulations specifically for double bass. With a number of different blends of waxes to create the optimum rosin for three temperate climates, bass players are able to find the perfect recipe for their personal situation.

DB1 is the softest and most tractive of the three formulas, therefore making it suitable for use - and storage - in generally colder climates. With its very high levels of grip (Grip Profile GPR#8), this rosin can of course be used in any situation that requires greater levels of on-string traction, but care should be taken to ensure that it is not stored above a regulated room temperature of 18 – 20degree Celsius.

This Hidersine Rosin is made in England in the same way as always: An Artisanal process of hand-mixing and hand-pouring.


Instrument: Double Bass

Type: Soft

Suitable for: All players in cold climates

Sound Characteristic: Warm and Rich

Grip Profile Rating (1: Low Grip/ 10: High Grip): GPR #8

Temperature Profile: Cold Climates

Primary constituents: Colophony, Natural Waxes

Cake Size: X-Large

Cake Weight: 40g (approx)

Country of Origin: England, United Kingdom

Manufacture process: Historic / Artisanal (Hand-mixed, Hand-poured)

Master Box Quantity: 10 pcs

Hidersine / Hill Rosin Safety Data Sheet


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Product Specification

Instrument Double Bass

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