Electric Violin Outfit 4/4
Electric Violin Outfit 4/4 Electric Violin Outfit 4/4 Electric Violin Outfit 4/4 Electric Violin Outfit 4/4 Electric Violin Outfit 4/4

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Product Code: HEV2

Guide Price: £219.00

Hidersine HEV2 Electric Violin

The HEV2 electric violin by Hidersine is an excellent option for students and established players who wish to practise quietly, using headphones to enjoy the full sound. 

However, when plugged into an amplifier, the possibilities are endless. Not only will your electric violin sound like a regular acoustic instrument, but you could plug into your tablet or PC to record, or use third-party software to add countless effects.

Supplied as an outfit, the Hidersine HEV2 is complete with a quality bow, and supplied in a rectangular protective case.


An instrument with many possibilities:

Hidersine’s HEV2 delivers a fantastic tone when amplified or when using headphones, as it will sound just like a regular violin. However, the fun doesn’t stop there.
You want to practise without anyone else hearing? No problem, just pop on a pair of headphones or earbuds and play to your hearts content with minimal audible acoustic tone.
Want to play loud and proud? Then plug the violin into an amplifier and crank it up.
Want to experiment with your sound? Then use some guitar effects pedals or an app on your phone to add effects to your violin playing for awesome results.


Suitable for all levels of musician:

Although a fantastically useful tool for a violin student, the Hidersine HEV2 is not solely for use in this context.
As the violin is built to high standards, observing the traditional scale and construction of acoustic violins, any player of any standard can pick it up and play immediately.
Proficient players can choose this instrument as a backup or additional tool in their musical arsenal, choosing to use the HEV2 as an experimentation tool. 
Perhaps you fancy busking, but don’t fancy taking your vintage violin out on the streets. Just grab a small amp and your HEV2 and you’re all set.


Contemporary look, traditional heart.

Although the Hidersine HEV2 is a modern-looking violin, it is built to the same exacting standards as an acoustic instrument of the same level.
The body is made of birch, which helps produce a good resonant tone when amplified. The birch body however has a veneer of flamed maple on the top and back which echoes the look of the hollow maple bodies of acoustic violins.
The pegs, fingerboard and chinrest are made of genuine ebony. The use of ebony has long been a mark of a quality violin, as ebony is an excellent hardwood which can withstand the strain of high tension strings for a very long time. Therefore, not only with the fittings look and feel authentically traditional, they will last a lifetime of wear – unlike those instruments that use inferior wood, painted black to look like ebony.


Your Playing, Amplified:

Using a ‘Piezo’ pickup located under the maple bridge of the violin, the Hidersine Electric Violin will reliably capture every nuanced detail of your playing style, whether audible externally through an amplifier or played discreetly through headphones.
On one side of the instrument are the outputs – a 6.35mm large jack output for use with most instrument amps, and a 3.5mm mini-jack for use with headphones. 
On the other side is a preamp, where volume is controlled along with bass and treble EQ controls. The battery compartment for the preamp is located in the back of the instrument, and this requires a PP3 (square) 9v battery to operate.




Body: Birch with Flamed Maple Veneer
Finish: Gloss with amber stain
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Genuine Ebony
Tuning Pegs: Genuine Ebony
Chin Rest: Genuine Ebony
Tailpiece: Composite
Bridge: Maple


Pickup Type: Piezo under-bridge
Preamp: Active (9v) with Volume and 2 band EQ
Output 1: 6.35mm Jack output
Output 2: 3.5mm Headphone output
Includes 9v Battery


Rectangular Formed Styrofoam
Internal Accessory Compartments
Handles and Backstraps

Bulletwood, high quality bow
Genuine Horsehair with Nickel fittings


Please Note: Prices shown are only a guide, any prices found online or in stores may vary. Many products can receive specialist treatments, setups and additional fitment upgrades from specialist stores, and these may be reflected in the store’s own price.

Product Specification

Bow Bulletwood
Bridge Finish Maple
Case Type Styrofoam
Chin Rest Ebony
Fingerboard Ebony
Finish Golden Varnish
Instrument Violin
Outfit Outfit
Peg Type Ebony
Rosin Hidersine
Size 4/4
Tailpiece Composite
Tuners 4 Integral Tuners

Product Reviews


Richard, United Kingdom

"Very satisfactory. Good quality. Nice finish."

David, United Kingdom

"Beautiful instrument, gorgeous finish, lovely sound."

Jasmin, United Kingdom

"My new baby along with my original baby my acoustic. Not had a chaince to really play yet but I am in love. "

Susannah, United Kingdom

"Its fabulous "

Isobelle, United Kingdom

"First impressions very strong, yet to put it to the test."

Tom, United Kingdom

"Bought for my daughter who wishes to practice in Uni Halls without disturbing flat mates. Seems perfect for this purpose. My daughter loves it. "

Fiona, United Kingdom

"I'm still trying to get enough roisin on the bow to give an informed review, but I am really looking forward to playing again. I last played 35 years ago & learnt at school in the 60's."

Helen, United Kingdom

"Non facile da accordare, molto piacevole alla vista e all'udito, non del tutto silenzioso, ovviamente, ma sufficientemente da non disturbare il vicinato. Buon rapporto qualit prezzo"

Patrizia, Italy

"HEV2 Electric Violin. Far too heavy at 695 grams - should be aiming in the region of 550 grams. Needs to be used with a shoulder rest - but the can't be fitted because the control panel is in the way of the bottom foot of the rest; shameful! Fingerboard is correct and plays very nicely. Violin shape is actually quite nice - placement for a shoulder rest needs to be thought out. The E string should have been fitted with a tube to prevent cutting into the bridge, anyway, I changed both strings and bridge. "

Joseph, United Kingdom


Brian, United Kingdom


kathy, United Kingdom

"I am satisfied the case did not take the expense of the violin into account. delivery very fast and after finally tuning the violin i am pleasantly surprised with the closeness to an acoustic violin."

Christopher, United Kingdom

"Very good"

Ho, Taiwan

"I love it! My first violin, a gift from my family for my 30th. I've always wanted to play the violin, and thought electric violins were just the coolest, and I am so in love with what they've chosen for me! "

Kate, United Kingdom

"I'm not a violinist, I got it to have some fun. The value for money is excellent, fairly good finishes and build quality, good acoustic and electrified sound."

Leonardo, Italy

"Violin is lovely looking but a bit heavier than a traditional violin. Still getting to grips with trying out different settings as it is still very new. "

Shirley, United Kingdom

"Its great!"

Fiona, United Kingdom

"Great instrument to start playing violin with"

Birgit, Netherlands

"Purchased electric violin 2 days ago Looks good beautifully finished Very good value for money"

DAVID, United Kingdom

"It is absolutely Lovely!"

Soumya, United Kingdom

"Good Value package"

DUANE, United Kingdom

"Only just received my violin, so early days? But first impressions are really positive, very nice tone even unamplified and stupendous when amplified. Love the finish also the ebony fingerboard and pegs. So very happy so far."

Terence, United Kingdom

"It looks like a good instrument, it feels comfortable and has a pleasing sound. I need to practice before I can give a more detailed review."

Leonie, Germany


Kaitie, United Kingdom

"It has very high quality sound and is enjoyable to play "

Sadie, United Kingdom

"Great electric violin in this budget! Flawless finishing!"

Jason, India

"I am very happy with it. "

Jean, United Kingdom


Ruth, United Kingdom

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C/o Barnes & Mullins Ltd, Grays Inn House, Unit 14, Mile Oak Industrial Estate, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 8GA