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Hiderpaste - 30H
Hiderpaste - 30H Hiderpaste - 30H

Hiderpaste - 30H

Product Code: 333

Guide Price: £3.55

This 'Hiderpaste' (30H) Peg paste is used to ensure your pegs turn smoothly. Cleverly, this traditional formulation - designed by Hidersine in the mid-20th century - will stop pegs from slipping whilst also ensuring they turn smoothly.


To apply, remove the peg from the pegbox and briefly rub the block of paste 3 or 4 times onto the two sections of the peg shaft that touch the inside of the pegbox. Re-insert the peg and turn a few times to evenly spread the paste. Then re-string and you're good to go. 


Master carton contains 12.

Hidersine Peg Composition Safety Data Sheet


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Accessory Type Care and Maintenance
Care / Maintenance Peg Paste

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